Social Media Marketing

Social MediaMarketing

While the use of social media sites such as Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, and others typically are not the most effective way to generate leads and conversions, they can play an important role in terms of customer engagement and reputation/brand management.

A social media presence can support an active, well-executed Internet marketing plan, though it can rarely replace one. An example would be a small business which spends time and money to develop a social presence, but secures only a handful of Facebook "likes" or Twitter "followers". Time, effort, and energy could be targeted at a more efficient return on investment.

However, social media sites are useful in that active, engaged customers will have a simple way to spread the word about your company, essentially becoming Internet cheerleaders for your brand. The trouble is that building that type of audience often takes a lot of offline legwork.

When you work with Socius Marketing, we'll help you understand best practices with social media and develop ways to utilize social media as a facet of your Internet marketing campaign. Our social media services include:

  • Creating and setting up your account on Twitter, Facebook, Google Plus, or other social platforms
  • Optimizing your profile with graphics and copy
  • Training and consulting on best social media practices, including customer engagement.